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Reliable anti-snap locks in Nuneaton

Modern lock cylinders have now become more resistant to the earlier ‘lock snapping’ technique through the advancement of lock technology. Contact Lockxpress East Midlands for installation of reliable anti-attack and anti-snap locks. With our lock security services, we’ll keep you safe and protected.


We are based in Nuneaton and also serve Leicester, Birmingham, Walsall, Hinckley, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield and Stratford.

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Our anti-attack and anti-snap locks can help with the following:

Here at Lockxpress East Midlands, we are part of the Institute of Certified Locksmiths. We are also DBS checked and Tradeline accredited, meaning we are recommended to help the vulnerable and the elderly.


Operating throughout Warwickshire, we cover most CV postcodes. Our rates are extremely competitive and we can fit cylinders from only £35!

Certified locksmiths in Nuneaton

This method involves snapping the lock cylinder in two and removing the outside part. This allows access to the mechanism and the door can be unlocked. With an anti-snap lock from Lockxpress East Midlands, your standard lock, is replaced with a high security cylinder lock, which has deliberate weak points. When a person attempts to snap the lock, the weak point breaks, leaving the core of the lock in place and secure.

Lock Snapping

Lock bumping, is the use of a specially adapted key, which is inserted in to a lock and then tapped gently with a heavy object, like a hammer. This forces the pins in the core to “bump” up, causing the lock to unlock. With an anti-attack lock from Lockxpress East Midlands, one of the pins rides much higher than the others, meaning when someone tries to “bump” it, the key won’t be able to touch it, preventing it from unlocking.

Lock bumping

Lock picking is one of the old methods of gaining entry to a property or safe. It uses a set of different picks and tools, to feel out each pin, and push them up once all the pins have been found. This method takes time and considerable skill and normally leaves no trace. The anti-attack lock from Lockxpress East Midlands, is protected by anti-pick spool pins, which jam the other pins into position if a pick is attempted.

Lock Picking

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